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Futuristic Fashion: 3 Must Know Fashion Tech Brands

The Unseen by Selfridges

Unfortunately, we tend to think of bulky watches and T.V screen like T-shirts when we hear the words Fashion Technology. Aside from the growing popularity in Fitbits and the occasional celebrity stepping out in a light up dress, wearable technology has a long way to go before it resembles anything we would actually pull out of our closets. In order to truly integrate fashion technology into our everyday lives, the fashion really needs to produce as much must have qualities and anticipation as the next Vetements collection.

We should all be wearing smart clothing by now and slowly but surely, we will get there. For now, here are 3 brands to look out for in the not so distant future who are breaking barriers and aiming to produce wearable fashion tech for everyday use.


Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard


Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard
Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard

The king of denim, Levi Strauss has joined forces with the king of the internet, Google, to produce a jean jacket with added technology, aimed at urban cyclists. Not only does this jacket look high fashion but is also a suitable problem solver. Designed with a conductive yarn, woven into the fabric of the left hand cuff, the jacket allows the wearer to change music tracks and choose to answer or block calls, all with a simple tap of a swift swipe. Another useful feature of the Levi Commuter x Jacquard jacket is the option to access directions and navigation which is delivered to the cyclist through voice commands. We can see this jacket being equally useful for other forms of transport including the electric unicycle which is growing in popularity with commuters in mainland Europe. There is nothing that screams technology about this piece, no flashing screens or exposed wires here, which is exactly why it should succeed. After the year long collaboration between the two companies, they settled on a jacket as their first product and hope to expand the technology into a full range of wearable technology pieces. The Levi


The Unseen by Selfridges


The Unseen by Selfridges
The Unseen by Selfridges

Aiming to combine science with art, design and performance, The Unseen by Selfridges is a collection of products designed to alter their colors when placed in certain environments or when engaged in user interaction. Founded by self named material alchemist Lauren Bowker, the collection of luxury accessories includes a backpack, satchel bag, scarf, two phone covers and chunky bracelets. Each piece responds to elements such as air pressure, touch, wind and sunlight, seeing colors changing from black in the Winter to red in the Spring and blue in the Summer. The fact that these products are ever changing color is truly refreshing, allowing for a change in look from season to season without splashing extra cash or discarding a perfectly good accessory simply because blue is the new red.


Thesis Couture


Thesis Couture
The Unseen by Selfridges

We’ve all heard the myths of how to make high heels comfortable, tape your toes together they said, use gel insoles they said. As much as these helpful (or unhelpful) tips can ease the pain to a slight degree, nothing yet has truly made wearing high heels a walk in the park. Enter Thesis Couture. The company claims to have produced the world’s first high performance pair of stilettos, putting function at the forefront of their design. Thesis Couture has managed to incorporate ultimate comfort in their four inch heels by hiring experts from diverse fields onto their team. Included in the design, production and research stages are an orthopedic surgeon, a rocket scientist, an Italian shoemaker and a mechanical engineer, to ensure the shoes live up to expectation. The technology is down to a ballistic-grade polymer in the heel, designed to stop aches in the arches as well as a raised platform to allow the shoes to feel an inch lower. The verdict? Comfortable stilettos, are every woman’s dream!

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Seven Items You Need to Survive This Winter.

Smart gloves

December is over, so the fairytale came to an end and now is time to realize that winter is here in full force. If you are like me and January and February  are not your favorite months .Or maybe the cold weather makes you stay more inside than go outside I have 7 items that will make you love winter… Well, love is a big word, but I can assure if get those you will like winter a little bit more. I mixed in fashion items following the trends and I also add some staple technological items that every fashionista needs in her life.



No 1. Smart gloves.

Smart gloves

They came out a few years ago and now days you can find them everywhere so if you don’t have a pair go get one. They can be as fashionable as you want them and they are a must for cold weather. I know you hate it when is freezing cold outside and you want to take a picture of the falling snow and your hands get cold. Be smart about it and get a pair of smart gloves.


No 2. Velvet everything.

Velvet is a huge trend this season. You know why? Because a velvet item will keep you warm and it looks so classy. To introduce velvet in your closet, you can buy a velvet skirt or a velvet dress. The rich material will add texture to any winter outfit and I can assure you it will stand out no matter of how many layers you have on.

No 3. Smart Watch

Smart Watch


I feel like you need a smart watch all year around but in specially in the winter time. This time, you don’t even need to take your phone out of the purse, you can just check out you messages and tweets on the smart watch. Is as simple as that.

No 4. Sweater dress

The Sweater Dress


The Sweater dress is a huge trend this season. Who says fashion is not practical? A sweater dress can be worn with a pair of knee-high boots and tights underneath. Now, you can actually have some curves and not freeze to death.

No 5. Heated Mug

Heated Mug

I hate when I take my coffee to go and the second I step outside it turns to ice. Not really but you got my point. I found the perfect item for that, can’t believe I couldn’t think of that sooner.  The heated mug is a travel mug that you can plug in your car and, like the name says, it will heat up whatever is inside.

No 6. Fedora Hat

Fedora Hat

A fedora hat is a practical thing to have in the winter time. It’s great for bad hair days and it will also keep you warm. On top of that they are seen on every fashionista out there.


No 7. Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots


Over the knee boots took the runway this season and they were spotted on every celebrity. You can get a pair with a smaller heel to walk in the snow or get ones with high heels for your events. Now that they are fashionable, you can wear them instead of heels to a party.


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Merging Fashion and Technology At The Met’s Costume Institute Show

fashion and technology merge at met costume institute show

            Merging Fashion and Technology At The Met’s Costume Institute Show



The Costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC is home to over 35,000 costumes and accessories. Representing seven centuries of dress, since its reopening in 2014, there has been a large shift in their bi-annual exhibitions. More and more, the participating designers are producing technological garments, fusing together the elegance and style of fashion with the latest developments in technology.


This year, The Costume Institute presents its latest collection entitled Manus x Machina, a exploration of how fashion has evolved alongside the new inventions of technology. The exhibition space, a futurist temple of fashion, houses 160 pieces by top leading designers, spanning from early 20th century to present day. The inspiration came from looking closely at Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian Dress from the Fall 1965 collection. Andrew Bolton, the curator at The Costume Institute, discovered that the dress was made almost entirely by machine. This revelation showed the progression and necessity of technology within the fashion industry, when once Haute Couture by very definition had always meant hand made.


The first piece visitors are greeted with is the stunning Wedding Ensemble by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Stealing the spotlight, the wedding dress is eclipsed by its ten foot, glittering train made from scuba knit and hand embroidered with glass, gold and crystals.


Following the grand opening, Israeli born designer Noa Raviv’s piece entitled dress certainly makes an impact. A monochrome, optical dress, Raviv employed the relatively unexplored technique of 3D printing to create his masterpiece. To give the illusive of transitioning from 2D to 3D, the printed polymer is attached at the hip and protrudes outwards from the garment. At a time when multiple consumer goods are being 3D printed, it’s about time the fashion industry really got creative with this technique. The 21st Century version of a tailored garment? A piece specifically printed for your body shape!


fashion and technology merge at met costume institute show


English fashion designer Gareth Pugh also makes his mark in the collection, designing a black tunic made entirely of drinking straws. Hand cut and sewn directly onto the mesh base, each straw is attached with metal hooks. The most amazing part of this piece is how attractive the material actually looks, catching the breeze as the piece is worn, straws fluttering elegantly like feathers.


fashion and technology merge at met costume institute show



The Hussein Chalayan piece, Floating Dress is made from sculpted fiberglass, resulting in an eye catching and delicate yet robotic silhouette. The piece is painted with gold pigment and and embellished with pearled paper and crystals. The futuristic garment is worn by stepping into a rear back panel and is entirely remote control operated. What’s more, the embellishes can be spring loaded and, by using the controller, be launched up into the air, swirling around the wearer.

fashion and technology merge at met costume institute show


Perhaps the most spectacular and talked about piece at the Met’s Costume Institute actually came from outside the exhibition. During the annual Gala, actress Claire Danes pulled out all the technology stops with her show stopping, red carpet dress. Her princess-esque, sky blue ball gown was hand crafted from organza and fiber optics, allowing the dress to illuminate in the dark. The dress featuring a seriously voluminous full skirt was ultimately a very fitting piece for the event.

fashion and technology merge at met costume institute show



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Unveiling The Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Air Zoom Legend

The Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Air Zoom Legend

                    Unveiling The Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Air Zoom Legend

In 1990, the street style favorite the Nike Aqua Boot was born. A shoe specifically designed for water sports with a high arching silhouette. Over 25 years later, Riccardo Tisci, creative designer for Givenchy, decided the sole of the Aqua Boot was to be the base for his new collaboration with NikeLab. The foundation for the Air Zoom Legend established, the designers then followed with fusing the aesthetics of the iconic Nike design with all the style and elegance of a classic Chelsea boot.


The final product, available in two colorways, has first a more basketball inspired theme, including a black mesh upper and an eye popping rainbow heel design. The other colorway option has a more sophisticated look, featuring a grey floral pattern, embroidered on black for a tone on tone design, a woven jacquard upper and an all white midsole. The design of the RT x NikeLab Air Zoom Legend combines the iconic features of both the designers with the rubber heel and sole being on point with Nike designs and incorporating Tisci’s current obsession with Chelsea boots.

To finish the look and in true RT style, the shoe is finished with a leather lining, pull tabs and foot beds as well as a heel clip featuring the RT logo and Nike swoosh branding.


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”NikeLab Air Zoom Legend”]



Since the Givenchy designer started collaborating with sports giant Nike, the Air Zoom Legend, marking the fourth time the designers have collaborated, has been the most creative and interesting design yet. A truly head turning shoe, fusing together modern design, performance enhancing features as well as a little elegance. Tisci revealed the inspiration for the design was very much him, injecting all of his Tisci style into the shoe. A strong shoe with an experimental design, the heel is always the talking point.

A shroud move from the collaborators, they chose to revive the old Aqua due to its close link to the nineties, a symbol of youth culture and street style. With many other designers reliving the iconic decade, bringing back the choker necklace, platform shoes and even scrunchies, the pair could not have picked a better time to launch their new product. Styles like the Aqua were adopted by both sports fanatics as well as the street style conscious, allowing for both style and performance to shine through. Darryl Matthews, Senior Designer for NikeLab said of the Air Zoom Legend “The Shoe juxtaposes Rio’s lively beach life with inspiration from Brasilian modernist architecture and the formality of a gentrified Chelsea boot. The NikeLab Air Zoom Legend x RT was made possible through Ricccardo’s unique ability to fuse athletic geometries with sneaker aesthetics.”



Although nothing is confirmed yet, Tisci has a longstanding affection with the sportswear giant and is apparently open to working on other projects. Here’s hoping we see some more products from RT early in the new year!

The Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Air Zoom Legend is available now, direct from the NikeLab store.



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Polarized Sunglasses

Why Polarized

A virtually invisible filter can be built into lenses to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye. Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort. Most polarized sunglasses provide UV protection which is important to maintaining healthy eye sight. Just as we put on sunscreen to protect our skin, it’s critical that we protect our eyes from UV rays too. Unlike traditional sunglasses, polarized sunglasses block out glare instead of dimming the entire field of vision. Traditional sunglasses may reduce glare, but they may also block out subtle details about the surroundings because of the dye used in tinting the lenses.

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

If you want to see the difference polarization makes, simply go out on a sunny day and hold out two pairs of sunglasses (one polarized, one not) and compare the view through the lenses of each pair. You’ll see that the polarized sunglasses provide increased clarity, allowing you to see details better. The view will be somewhat darker through polarized lenses but the image will look less washed out.

Polarized Sunglasses at offers large selection of polarized sunglasses. Brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Ray Ban are available with polarized lenses. Get the benefit of polarized lenses and look fashionable in designer frames.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Polarized Sunglasses DOLCE & GABBANA DG2140 URBAN Polarized SunglassesPrada PR53QS Polarized Sunglasses

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Protect Your Eyes with Designer Eyewear

When you buy sunglasses, look for a style that looks good on you and is comfortable to wear. Different people have different preferences and choosing the right pair of shades will make you stand out in the crown, and provide ample protection for your eyes from UV radiation.

When buying glasses Look for 99 percent or 100 percent UV protection, to block most of harmful UV rays.

[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”tiffany-tf4083-sunglasses” show=”all”]

The larger the lenses, the better protection they offer. Large lenses generally protect better because they hide more of the area around your eyes.

Although it may seem counter intuitive, darker isn’t automatically better. The darkness of the lens affects only the ability to filter out visible light. The protection from UV light is conferred by coatings applied to the lens.

[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”bvlgari-bv6061b-sunglasses” show=”all”]

Yet shading is important in protecting you from glare — a different problem from UV light. For many people, very bright light causes an unpleasant sensation. It makes you squint, and it’s harder to see clearly.

Lenses come in different shades, for different situations. For example, dark lenses are best for a sunny day on the water, while lighter tints may be better choices for overcast days. These days, you can get “photochromic” lenses that change their shade depending on the amount of light. Indoors, they are clear. Outside in bright sun, they become a dark shade.

You want the frames to fit comfortably, with the lenses directly in front of your eyes. Frames should be leveled on your face, and one side should not be higher or lower than the other.

Polarized lenses add additional layer of glare reduction, it’s especially helpful when driving, playing sports, or spending time outdoors.


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The Fashionably Warm Scarf

No matter what your style — Scarves can add some needed fashion to your winter wardrobe.

Wrapping your neck with a scarf can add degrees of heat to the chilly winter day. wrap a black silk scarf around your neck to keep your outfit just as fancy as you. If you are more of a casual being, a thick scarf knit with yarn can be added to leggings, sweatpants, or denim and look just as good with any of these. This is the easiest way to warm up any outfit you have, so if you’re pressed for time, make this the one addition you make.

You can wear your scarf in various combinations; as a simple tie. double knot look where you fold the scarf in half and wrap it around your neck, then feed the ends through a twist in the scarf. Another scarf that people tend to lean towards is an infinity scarf. People can just put it over their head, twist it once and put it over the head again and then boom, they’re done. They’re covered, they’re warm and they’re stylish. You can throw it on under a jacket or over a sweater and it looks cute.

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Tech form now matters as much as tech function

The dance between technology and fashion has always been a rather ungainly one, characterized by awkward stumbling, accidental toe-treading and unexpected knees in the groin.

Neither world is really certain what it’s supposed to be doing with the other. Products deemed to combine style with cutting-edge credibility tend to leave the public cold, whether that’s a celebrity-endorsed gadget or solutions to problems that don’t exist (Bluetooth glove-phones, rechargeable handbag chargers). But as technology shrinks, form and style start to become much more important.

The arrival of wearable technology into the marketplace has been muted by this truth. There’s little point in making wearables that people don’t find alluring enough to wear, and while technology companies tie themselves up in knots over the functionality of, say, a smartwatch, the fact is that we require very little from a watch. For most people, aesthetic appeal is more important. That’s why a team of 100 designers is rumored to be working on Apple’s much-anticipated “iWatch”: while the mass adoption of wearable technology is primarily a social battle, it’s one that can be won a whole lot quicker if the product looks cool and feels desirable.

Small wonder, then, that technology companies are beginning to court figures from the fashion world like desperate singletons at a speed-dating event. The departure of Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts for a job at Apple comes only a few weeks after Yves St Laurent’s Paul Deneve made the same move. Google, still engaged in a long-term pre-launch battle for public acceptance for Google Glass, scored a win when Diane von Furstenberg’s models wore the futuristic spectacles at last autumn’s New York Fashion Week. Samsung sent Galaxy Gears watches up the catwalk in Milan with Moschino; Kenzo designed covers for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet at Paris Fashion Week, while those on the front row at Roksanda Ilincic’s recent show in London were slipped a free pair of stylish Sennheiser Momentum headphones. With the attitudes of taste-makers so important in the often sniffy world of fashion, you can hardly blame those technology companies who suddenly find themselves plunged into the luxury accessories market for attempting such overt seduction.

But what do the fashion companies get out of this liaison? Does any kudos flow the other way? “The fashion and beauty worlds were very slow to the digital party,” says Tyler. “Until a couple of years ago there were barely any decent e-commerce websites, and luxury brands were in denial about what technology could do for them – mainly because they were steeped in heritage. But that’s changing.

That developing link with technology was highlighted at Dressed To Code, a “fashion hackathon” hosted by Glamour magazine last month at New York Fashion Week, where coders (split 50/50 between men and women) convened to merge the worlds of technology and fashion through the development of mobile apps. It’s hardly a marriage made in heaven, but perhaps the geek and the chic are finally getting it together.

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The must have pink coat for you.

Pink Coat

Every season some high-street outlet – sometimes Whistles, sometimes Zara, occasionally M&S – will knock out a decent garment that happens to be quite similar to one seen on the runways.

The fashion magazines have been excited over the M&S coat because various high-end designers made pink coats this season.


A pink coat at the Osman show. Photograph: Tim P Whitby/Getty Images

Has there ever been a more perfect trend for fashion retailers than a pink coat? Coats are the one type of clothing that everyone accepts should be expensive. Because a coat is something that needs to be good quality: it needs to be warm, it ideally should be waterproof and it needs to withstand daily wear. Ergo, expenditure is acceptable.

Let’s look again at the pink coat. Pink coats are, quite elegant, with the youthful playfulness in them. Yes, it’s a bold look. But it also looks incredibly chic and makes the perfect statement outfit.  It’s not just bright pink either; pastel shades were seen at Topshop Unique, Carven, Jonathan Saunders and Celine; to name just a few.

These Coats are pared back, understated and elegant. Manly silhouettes help to counteract the girly color of the fabric.

Bubblegum pinks are the standout tones for autumn and can look elegant and grown-up for evening or officewear.

Look for unexpected fabrics and textures to create interest in your outfit, like sequins and faux fur – this contrast will work especially well if you’re planning a top-to-toe pink look. Think fluffy pink angora jumper teamed with a vinyl pink pencil skirt.


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Chic eyeware for fall

s we turn over our closets from summer to fall and decide how we want to dress for the new season, now is the perfect time to update that front-and-center accessory: Eyewear.

Shoppers have more style choices for specs and sunglasses than ever before, at prices ranging from $20 at discount online retailers to hundreds of dollars at boutiques.

Plastics dominate the eyewear market, with some designers adding patterns or mixing in other mediums to the frames to add interest.

For women, the Jackie Onassis look – glamorous, oversized frames in black or honey, without a lot of embellishment – are big for fall, says Jenna LaRoche, a spokeswoman for the Vision Council, a trade association based in Alexandria, Va.

Cat-eye frames for women are popular in a huge variety of shapes, from the small angular frames to the more rounded versions, LaRoche says. “There is such a huge variety (in cat-eye), that depending on your face shape, you can find something that works.”

For men, aviator styles are big for both sunglasses and regular glasses, especially in plastics.

“Geek chic” glasses with bold, bookish brow lines are big sellers, as are John Lennon-style round frames. But instead of being fashioned from metal, as Lennon wore, today’s men are buying them in more modern materials such as translucent plastics, LaRoche says.

Sure those glasses are a medical necessity, but don’t discount the impact a flattering frame can have on your face, says Wick Morgan, owner of The Spectacle eyeglass shop in Raleigh’s North Hills Mall.

“Someone will say, ‘I’ve never been complimented on my glasses, and I’ve been stopped three times today,’ ” Morgan says. “That’s the moment her glasses went from the necessity that they are to the accessory that they can be. … It’s brilliant to watch someone go from not really wanting to wear glasses to becoming someone who is excited about it.”