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Seven Items You Need to Survive This Winter.

Smart gloves

December is over, so the fairytale came to an end and now is time to realize that winter is here in full force. If you are like me and January and February  are not your favorite months .Or maybe the cold weather makes you stay more inside than go outside I have 7 items that will make you love winter… Well, love is a big word, but I can assure if get those you will like winter a little bit more. I mixed in fashion items following the trends and I also add some staple technological items that every fashionista needs in her life.



No 1. Smart gloves.

Smart gloves

They came out a few years ago and now days you can find them everywhere so if you don’t have a pair go get one. They can be as fashionable as you want them and they are a must for cold weather. I know you hate it when is freezing cold outside and you want to take a picture of the falling snow and your hands get cold. Be smart about it and get a pair of smart gloves.


No 2. Velvet everything.

Velvet is a huge trend this season. You know why? Because a velvet item will keep you warm and it looks so classy. To introduce velvet in your closet, you can buy a velvet skirt or a velvet dress. The rich material will add texture to any winter outfit and I can assure you it will stand out no matter of how many layers you have on.

No 3. Smart Watch

Smart Watch


I feel like you need a smart watch all year around but in specially in the winter time. This time, you don’t even need to take your phone out of the purse, you can just check out you messages and tweets on the smart watch. Is as simple as that.

No 4. Sweater dress

The Sweater Dress


The Sweater dress is a huge trend this season. Who says fashion is not practical? A sweater dress can be worn with a pair of knee-high boots and tights underneath. Now, you can actually have some curves and not freeze to death.

No 5. Heated Mug

Heated Mug

I hate when I take my coffee to go and the second I step outside it turns to ice. Not really but you got my point. I found the perfect item for that, can’t believe I couldn’t think of that sooner.  The heated mug is a travel mug that you can plug in your car and, like the name says, it will heat up whatever is inside.

No 6. Fedora Hat

Fedora Hat

A fedora hat is a practical thing to have in the winter time. It’s great for bad hair days and it will also keep you warm. On top of that they are seen on every fashionista out there.


No 7. Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots


Over the knee boots took the runway this season and they were spotted on every celebrity. You can get a pair with a smaller heel to walk in the snow or get ones with high heels for your events. Now that they are fashionable, you can wear them instead of heels to a party.


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