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THE Fashion Week Phone: HTC One Red

As if the super-sleek smartphone superstar HTC One couldn’t get any better, they’ve gone and updated it in a gorgeous metallic red !

The HTC One in red combines the latest in mobile innovation and design to offer the powerful experience to date. The BlinkFeed aggregates feeds from your selected news sources, social sites and apps to create a customizable, real-time stream of relevant information on your screen.

HTC has introduced the revolutionary UtraPixel camera, for superior images in low light. The feature allows you to capture the moment, not just a split-second snapshot, by creating a 3 second moving image that you can choose exact stills from. So whether you’re trying to take the perfect street style moment and want lots of shots to choose from, or making a cool GIF, you’re sorted! You can also upload straight into Instagram Video to share your moving moment with your followers.

The HTC One could practically play the soundtrack on the catwalk thanks to the epic BoomSound technology, which brings your music to life with front-facing speakers and Beats Audio™ optimization!


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Is the Apple’s iPhone 5s Style for you.

By discontinuing last year’s iPhone 5 and replacing it with the iPhone 5c, the new iPhone 5s is the handset in Apple’s lineup with its anodized aluminum back and chamfered edges. The style that debuted last year has been refined, with new colors in “space gray” and gold now joining the white and silver option.

Those looking for the ultra-premium feel offered by the iPhone 5s still only have one choice of handset model from Apple’s current lineup. That’s a shift from years past, when Apple continued to offer the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in its lineup side by side, even though both devices looked nearly identical.

Some have speculated that Apple’s mid-level plastic iPhone 5c may serve to up-sell customers to the company’s more premium iPhone 5s. Regardless of whether that’s Apple’s intent, it’s likely that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will appeal to very different audiences: The iPhone 5c is for those who like the color choices and lower price while the iPhone 5s is meant for tech enthusiasts who want the latest technology such as the new Touch ID and finger print scanner

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Chic eyeware for fall

s we turn over our closets from summer to fall and decide how we want to dress for the new season, now is the perfect time to update that front-and-center accessory: Eyewear.

Shoppers have more style choices for specs and sunglasses than ever before, at prices ranging from $20 at discount online retailers to hundreds of dollars at boutiques.

Plastics dominate the eyewear market, with some designers adding patterns or mixing in other mediums to the frames to add interest.

For women, the Jackie Onassis look – glamorous, oversized frames in black or honey, without a lot of embellishment – are big for fall, says Jenna LaRoche, a spokeswoman for the Vision Council, a trade association based in Alexandria, Va.

Cat-eye frames for women are popular in a huge variety of shapes, from the small angular frames to the more rounded versions, LaRoche says. “There is such a huge variety (in cat-eye), that depending on your face shape, you can find something that works.”

For men, aviator styles are big for both sunglasses and regular glasses, especially in plastics.

“Geek chic” glasses with bold, bookish brow lines are big sellers, as are John Lennon-style round frames. But instead of being fashioned from metal, as Lennon wore, today’s men are buying them in more modern materials such as translucent plastics, LaRoche says.

Sure those glasses are a medical necessity, but don’t discount the impact a flattering frame can have on your face, says Wick Morgan, owner of The Spectacle eyeglass shop in Raleigh’s North Hills Mall.

“Someone will say, ‘I’ve never been complimented on my glasses, and I’ve been stopped three times today,’ ” Morgan says. “That’s the moment her glasses went from the necessity that they are to the accessory that they can be. … It’s brilliant to watch someone go from not really wanting to wear glasses to becoming someone who is excited about it.”